Shadows of Death


This it the first game our team worked on. The name "Shadows of Death" is not an official one, it was used only during the development. 

It had several concepts and none of them have been completely finished. During the development of the first concept, we decided to upgrade our technology. This technology upgrade was good but we quickly realized that our visibility technology and map format (Quake II BSP) was not sufficient for what we wanted.

Because of this fact, we decided to rewrite our engine from scratch and develop new shader-driven multiplatform engine. At that time the team consisted of two programmers and it was too much work on such a high-scale PC engine, thus we were unable to finish it. It was in the year 2009, when a big boom in the mobile game industry took place and we quickly migrated to this area. The destiny of these Shadows of Death concepts is uncertain. We hope that new technology will allow us to reuse some of these concepts.