Panther3D Mobile

Linux version of P3DM
Linux version of P3DM

Panther3D Mobile is our game engine, which we are using for the game development.
The first game powered by P3DM is Polar Fishing.

The engine is easily portable to new platforms.

Currently supported platforms are:

  • Microsoft Windows
  • GNU/Linux
  • Apple Mac OS
  • Apple iOS (including iOS 4)
  • Samsung Bada OS

Although the engine is still young, it's got some notable features already:

  • Native support for iPhone 4.
  • Our own markup language called RML. It represents an unified, fast and human readable way to store and edit engine's scene, GUI and configuration files.
  • Skinnable GUI.
  • Easy way how to adjust a game to different display resolutions.
  • Component-based entity system.
  • Wi-Fi multiplayer - iPhone only