Polar Fishing

We are glad to inform you that iPhone/iPod Touch version of Polar Fishing is available at the Appstore! You can get your copy here.


We are proud to announce our first game we've been working on together with ExtremeDevs.

Polar Fishing is a logic game where your task is to acquire all your opponent's fish. You can do so by trying to get 3 to 5 cubes of the same kind into a row or a column in the game field. Click on a cube from your pillar in order to move it into the game field.

You can play either a single-player game with three levels of difficulty or with your friend on one device.

    The game is going to be deployed on iPhone and Samsung Wave in July 2010. Check out the screenshots and videos if you want to know more.


    This game uses our own game engine called Panther3D Mobile. The engine is written in C++ and is highly cross-platform. It runs natively on Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS and Samsung's new Bada OS. It can be easily extended to support other platforms.

    The ability to run the game natively on Windows, Mac OS and even Linux has been a great advantage during the development process.

    More information can be found here.


    Samsung Wave
    Samsung Wave




    Reversity Studios

    • Mario Hroš
      • Engine/GUI programming
      • iPhone version
    • Petr Pavlík
      • Engine/Gameplay programming
      • Game design
      • Samsung Wave version


    • Patrik Polák
      • Game design
    • Daniel Blažek
      • Graphics design
    • Karel Antonín
      • Sound and music composer