Panther3D[1] was the first game engine we developed.
Screenshots at the bottom of this page were taken from this version of our engine.

  • Subsystems (renderer, engine, physics, ...) separated in dlls
  • Quake III BSP and PVS format, slightly modified
  • Slightly modified GtkRadiant and bsp compiler for level editing
  • HLSL shaders for materials and post-process effects
  • Post-processing framework for efects like bloom, radial blur, sepia, ...
  • Static deluxelmap support for fast normal mapping on a static geometry (something like an improved lightmap with a light source direction information)
  • Seamless dynamic/static lighting
  • Dynamic lights can project a cubemap
  • Water rendering with reflection and refraction
  • Stereoscopic rendering for red-cyan glasses
  • PhysX support (previously we used Newton Dynamics)
  • A small editor for editing the physical shapes of models
  • In-game profiler 
  • Minidump generation
  • Xor-encrypted virtual file system

Source code

Source code is given "as is", absolutely without support and warranty.
To compile from the source code, you will need some dependencies, especially the PhysX SDK and the DirectX SDK. It may not be possible for you to compile it at all.

Download here: (1.2 MB)

You are allowed to use this source code as you want.
Please tell us (by mail) if you used something from this code somewhere or if it inspired you somehow. We would like to know what you are working on. :)

Modified GtkRadiant and tools source code

Will be released soon.

Panther3D[2] Source Code

This was our second generation game engine which we did not finish.
It can be used for some inspiration, though.
The renderer contains both OpenGL and DirectX implementations with CG shaders support.
The physics subsystem implements PhysX middleware. 
The engine uses SDL for window management.
There is no scene management implemented.
When we stopped working on it, we had been preparing engine-renderer communication using queues to allow the renderer and the engine to run in parallel. This was not completed.

Download here: (4.9 MB)